our History

Sheet Metal Processing

From 1956 to today – over 60 years of Made in Italy.

OMCF has over 6000mq and employs skilled workers, collaborators and professionals in the sector. Our core business is represented by sheet metal processing. We produce light metal carpentry in iron, stainless steel and aluminum alloys, based on the customer’s design, in the various medical, automotive, aeronautical, naval, vending and coffee machines sectors.

We are able to provide the customer with a complete “turnkey” service thanks to the collaboration with ES Electro System , a company operating in the assembly of mechanical and electrical parts. For our customers we manage the necessary processing and purchase all the material for the complete realization of the project, including the non-metallic parts. In this way our customers will only have to interface with us, avoiding having to manage many different suppliers.

Total quality management and flexibility are our strengths, we meet the needs of our customers in a short time thanks to cutting-edge technologies and ERP management software.


Our Services

OMCF, like all metal carpentry, has in its headquarters a real Technical Office which represents the heart of our company. In fact, in this department, thanks to decades of experience in the sector combined with continuous training for the use of the latest technologies, excellent quality standards are guaranteed.

Over the years we have refined both our techniques and our systems for processing steel, iron and other metals using state-of-the-art machinery and training highly qualified personnel who, in total safety, coordinate and manage every stage of processing.


Metal core, green heart

Safeguarding the environment

Total energy autonomy

Zero fossil



In the business world, and in particular in our world of metalworking, company certifications concern the value and quality of both the company itself and the final product. In fact, at the basis of all these certificates there are also moral values such as safety, respect for the environment and the health of workers, which are the driving force in the process of building a product or in the realization of a service.

We implement a quality policy that is aimed both at improving the performance of services and production, and at optimizing the processes of relations with the customer, as well as guaranteeing the highest certified quality. For this reason, the OMCF Quality Management System complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.